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White Moss Horticulture’s high quality manufactured BS3882 standard Multi-Purpose Top Soil is made from recycled materials gives the user piece of mind that no harm to our valuable countryside and green spaces has been done in achieving this excellent product.  It is suitable for a wide range of applications and is capable of sustainably supporting the growth of grass, trees, shrubs and plants, for use throughout the year.

Containing  sandy loam, organic matter, PAS100 green compost and a blend of various minerals fractions to produce a fine friable soil which is easy to handle. All additives are peat, weed and chemical free.

It may not always fully comply with BS3882 because of the variable nature of the organic content form our compost process. However, variations are usually limited to textural variation and minor potassium content variances. We can however assure you that this will have no detrimental effects to plant health or growth.


pH: 6.5-8.0

Bulk Density: 750-1,000 grams per litre

Particle Size: 0-12mm

Moisture Content:40-60%

Electrical Conductivity: 500-1,000 µS/cm