Growing  Media  InitiativeWhite Moss Horticulture is committed to working towards a better environment through the continued improvement of all its growing media products. White Moss is a full member of the Growing  Media  Initiative (GMI).

The GMI is a horticultural industry scheme, led by the HTA, to encourage the purchase of peat-free and peat-reduced growing media. Open to retailers and manufacturers the GMI has brought together all sides of the peat debate in horticulture to agree a national scheme that meets both environmental and industry objectives.

Peat has been the growing medium of choice for gardeners and professional growers for over 50 years. They have come to appreciate peat’s qualities as a clean, efficacious and reliable product. However, as concerns for the environment grow, there have been increased efforts to find other more renewable kinds of growing media.

As a member we are looking to demonstrate our progress towards peat reduction and our commitment to offering our customers environmentally sound and sustainable growing media into the future.