Newlife products are a high quality, sustainable alternative to traditional garden products such as peat, top soil and bark/mulches. They are made from 100% recycled green materials and organic forestry matter.

Boasting excellent quality, Newlife is clean, safe to use and consistently available in large quantities.

It has unique natural water holding properties which ensure a consistent base from which to produce a wide range of high performance growing media products.

The creation of Newlife helps to reuse over 100,000 tonnes per year of recyclable material which would have previously been lost to landfill.

As unique, recycled alternatives to peat, Newlife represents the future for growing media products.


newlifenewlife MAX

The ultimate eco friendly base for decorative functional ground cover. A sustainable blend of recycled organic forestry matter, composted bark and woodchips.

Linking decorative ground cover and the added benefit of natural nutrients being slow released into the soil as weathering occurs.

envirosoilnewlife ENVIROSOIL

Truly sustainable manufactured top soil. Blended green materials combined with organic natural nutrients give excellent all round performance, with positive environmental benefits. Perfect for a range of situations including topping up borders, leveling out a lawn and many other general garden tasks.